Dear All.   Baby Stig was born on May 1st and he’s an absolute beauty. We are so happy. The workshop has been emptied in cornwall, finally, and I am so sad to say good bye to that lovely place. But, life moves on and we are now settling in to our lives in somerset. I have a new workshop, opposite the house which is perfect, I am closer to a lot of my clients, which is easier and I have been... Read More

Hello lovely customers. The baby is due tomorrow. The new workshop is almost complete I will be resuming business again in June hopefully but in the meantime ALL STOCK MUST GO  to make the workshop move a lot easier. Please e mail me if you would like any of the items. I have plenty of new stock in the pipeline for the summer along with some new products that I am very excited about. Thank you  Read More

Dear Lovely Customers. I am taking a break in a few weeks to have a baby. Its all very exciting, and nerve racking!! I am really excited to be taking a break after 10 years of working my bottom off. I know I will be dying to get back in to the workshop in the summer but for now I am afraid, what is on the website is it for now! I do have a couple of pieces yet to photograph, a chest of drawers, a Bermuda... Read More

Hello, I know its been a while since my last blog post. It has been manic! Its all change here, I am having a baby early next year and we are re locating back to somerset, after 15 years. We are really looking forward to the change and I plan to experiment with some new ideas in the new year. I have about 12 pieces ready to go on to website but its been such horrible, miserable wet and windy weather... Read More

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