Wall Panel Sale


Birds of paradise (Pewter grey or black ) rrp £400 now £200 (plus P&P £20)
118cm x 60 cm
Montbtretia rrp rrp £460 now £230 (plus P&P £20)
118cm x 60 cm
Quaker grass (energy red or levante orange ) 118cm x 60 cm
£400 rrp Now £200 (plus £20 p&p) BOTH RESERVED
water liles /lotus flower 117cm x 80cm rrp £460 now £230 plus £20 p&p
Palm leaf triptic rrp £1200 now £600 plus delivery (please ask for a quote ) each panel 230cm x 31cm
All on sale at half price as I need photographs from my customers in situ please. To show the diversity and impact of colour in a room. Thank you

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