New for 2021 The old railway workshop range. Brand new contemporary and sustainable furniture. Made in England Own your own functional piece of art. This lounge table with its modern marquetry top and sides is created with Formica pieces that have been laser cut and inlaid. Formica laminate is durable, heat and scratch resistant, it will never fade or yellow like paint and will stay looking fresh forever.... Read More   THIS WEEKEND!!!   I will be there with a selection of furniture and gifts. I hope to se you there    Read More

Lucy S and I (lucy T ) have been friends for over 10 years. We were both owners of a gallery in a little cornish town in Cornwall . Lucy Spink, a silver smith and jeweller approached me about possibly doing a collaborative project using formica with silver. I was already looking into the possibility of using formica laminate in a different way having used it for my furniture and interior design business... Read More

Dear All.   Baby Stig was born on May 1st and he’s an absolute beauty. We are so happy. The workshop has been emptied in cornwall, finally, and I am so sad to say good bye to that lovely place. But, life moves on and we are now settling in to our lives in somerset. I have a new workshop, opposite the house which is perfect, I am closer to a lot of my clients, which is easier and I have been... Read More

Hello, I know its been a while since my last blog post. It has been manic! Its all change here, I am having a baby early next year and we are re locating back to somerset, after 15 years. We are really looking forward to the change and I plan to experiment with some new ideas in the new year. I have about 12 pieces ready to go on to website but its been such horrible, miserable wet and windy weather... Read More