Turner and spink Collaboration

Lucy S and I (lucy T ) have been friends for over 10 years. We were both owners of a gallery in a little cornish town in Cornwall . Lucy Spink, a silver smith and jeweller approached me about possibly doing a collaborative project using formica with silver. I was already looking into the possibility of using formica laminate in a different way having used it for my furniture and interior design business for years. So when Lucy approached me with the idea I thought there was some great potential.
We got together one afternoon and soon realised there was huge potential. This collection is brand new , and we have plenty of other ideas to explore. we hope you like them.



‘Turner and Spink’ jewellery, a new collaberotaive project, combining sterling silver and Formica.

Two friends from Cornwall UK- Lucy Spink, a silversmith and Lucy Turner, a Furniture and Surface designer have decided to combine their skills and create this exciting, distinctive and bright jewellery collection.

The multi combination earrings are made from laser cut formica and hand made sterling silver studs. Each pair can be worn in four ways, you can also wear the sterling silver studs on their own.

Each pair comes with one colour on one side, one on the other and Two Sterling silver studs.


Formica is a great material, it doesn’t fade, hard wearing and will remain looking fresh forever.
Formica is the original laminate brand made in the UK.



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