Taking a Break in spring 2016

Dear Lovely Customers.

I am taking a break in a few weeks to have a baby. Its all very exciting, and nerve racking!! I am really excited to be taking a break after 10 years of working my bottom off. I know I will be dying to get back in to the workshop in the summer but for now I am afraid, what is on the website is it for now!

I do have a couple of pieces yet to photograph, a chest of drawers, a Bermuda blue sideboard and some tables. They will be on the website soon.

If you are happy to wait for a piece of furniture I am more than happy to take commissions and get the ball rolling with ideas, but I will not be able to give a definite time scale atm.

Thank you or your patience and happy new year

If you would like to buy anything form the website please let me know and Ill get it wrapped and sent to you.

Kindest regards




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