colourful-colorful--peacock-turquiose--furniture-by-lucy-turnercolorful-peacock-formica-furniture-by-lucy-turnerretro-teak-sideboard-with-colour-by-lucy-turner peacock-sideboard-by-lucy-turner peacockformica--sideboard-by-lucy-turner-furniture-and-surafce-design peacock-feather-turquiose-formica--sideboard-by-lucy-turnerPeacock Media Unit


3 doors, middle one drops down.

Perfect for media, cocktails, books ….

Marina  Formica with an etched peacock feather motif. The peacock eye is inlayed with Pale gold, juicy pink, olive and bermuda


£795 inc delivery

W122 cm x D 38cm x H60cm

please e mail if you would like to purchase this item


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