The Pink Toilet

The Pink Toilet

This pink toilet with a banana skin on it is made from laser cut formica pieces that have been inlaid. The image symbolises everyday objects, waste, consumerism and our incessant desire to constantly update, rip out functional perfectly working objects just because we want new or ‘fancied a change’ . Never content with our surroundings. This artwork was produced during lockdown and will be the beginning of a new series. It was entered in to the RA summer exhibition but unfortunately was rejected.

Own an original RA reject!

This piece is for sale and measures 67cm x 88cm. The hand made frame is made from Valchromat, an eco friendly wood fibre board.

Formica will never fade or yellow, its a perfect picture for a bathroom, it can be wiped clean and is moisture and heat resistant.


If you would like to own this Pink toilet, please e mail

Thank you


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