A Pair of bedside tables with a Sno-white formica inlayed with multi coloured triangle inlay. Each Triangle is laser cut then inlaid  by hand using  a unique modern marquetry technique.

The multi coloured triangles (lime, black, yellow, marina, energy, juicy pink and clementine ) are inlayed on  the top and one side (opposite on other cabinet ) of the 3 drawer cabinet.

Formica is durable wipe clean, heat resistant and will never fade.

Each piece 48cm wide x 44.5cm Depth x 52.5 cm height


Original cabinet made by G plan

Extremely well made furniture that will last the test of time.

£595.00 the pair

SALE £300.00


This includes a Free delivery. Terms and conditions apply.

Please e mail if you would like to purchase this item

Thank you



bed-side-cabinets-drawers-teak-modern-marquetryg-plan-bed-side-cabinets-modern-marquetry-lucy-turner white-bedside-cabinets-modern-marquetry-triangle-
g-plan-formica-triangle-bed-side-tables-bright-colourful-childrens-room triangle-bed-side-cabinet-close-up-modern-formica-marquetry triangle-bedside-tables-3-drawers triangle-inlay-marquetry-formica

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