My client wanted some fitted doors laminated for their playroom. We collaborated on the design and the colours creating something playful and fun, yet having longevity, kids tastes change so quickly so we had to create something future proof.

The TV /games consoles are hidden behind the door, and the client thought it would be fun to have some marvel characters etched in to the inside of the door, ┬áso they’revisbale when playing on the console. It works really well.

Formica laminate is durable, will never fade or yellow, it will stay looking fresh for years, even in a playroom : )

The colours work brilliantly, with the splash of orange complimenting the greys, blues and greens.

The customers also have a love for skiing and the alps, so we used that connection within the design.

The kids were really happy, I would be too with that room to play in!

If you’d like some fitted doors laminated, please get in touch.


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